Honest Trailers | Godzilla vs. Kong

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Honest Trailers | Godzilla vs. Kong
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
Edited by: Randy Whitlock & Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

Jaskaran Singh Kang
Jaskaran Singh Kang преди 2 часа
Please follow this newly formed Instagram account I won’t let anyone down I will be posting quality content consistently @better.battar_baking
Michael Mak
Michael Mak преди 2 часа
"Kong spends more time on his back than Riley Reid." OKAY
ฺBasrodah BT
ฺBasrodah BT преди 2 часа
Am i the only one that see that Velociraptor?
Axel Helmer
Axel Helmer преди 2 часа
"Kong spends more time on his back than Riley Reid" im kinda ashamed that i got that joke
Shahjada Zihad
Shahjada Zihad преди 3 часа
Noooooo Don't show the humans!!!!!!
MovieFan92 преди 3 часа
My cousin Charlie was blasted away by Godzilla in Florida. He's easy to spot out. The guy running in the crowd. Nah i'm screwing around lol.
Mooning Man
Mooning Man преди 3 часа
i'm gonna call the CCP police on you 4:22
andres perez
andres perez преди 4 часа
The elderly tailor additonally disapprove because paul baly imagine into a happy flute. eatable, ambitious brass
Eva S
Eva S преди 4 часа
Please!!!! Can you do a Stargate Atlantis honest tv trailer??!! Pretty please x
Ang Palo
Ang Palo преди 4 часа
District.... 9!!!
Love The Beast Within
Love The Beast Within преди 4 часа
and characters who should be in jail for being perverts in the second godzilla movie 🙄🙄🙄
Rubén Oliva
Rubén Oliva преди 4 часа
I loved this movie. I wanted to see giant monsters and city-wide destruction and that’s what I got.
Kyle Preston
Kyle Preston преди 4 часа
This movie was extremely lame and I loved every minute of it.
steve willie kuzneski
steve willie kuzneski преди 4 часа
All 3 against Hong Kong🤣
GT6SuzukaTimeTrials преди 4 часа
For those who don't get it, Alike Titans is a play on Mike Tyson's.
bullwinkle524 преди 5 часа
Sounds like y’all hated this movie
Quentin Sciascia
Quentin Sciascia преди 5 часа
Do EVENT HORIZON, come on man, that movie would really stretch your slkills!!!
Juai nott?
Juai nott? преди 5 часа
Riley reid got engaged bois, who's going to tell that guy?
Malik Matthews24
Malik Matthews24 преди 5 часа
3:19 we just not gonna act like we heard that
crawlingninjabear преди 6 часа
1933: Big monke breaks a jaw Every modern American monster move: Write that down, write that down!
stpoon преди 6 часа
Dota anime from netflix honest trailer next
Luqman Haqim Suhaimi
Luqman Haqim Suhaimi преди 6 часа
where stares scene?
K Jayanth
K Jayanth преди 6 часа
Nice video keep it up make more related videos
Van Halpert
Van Halpert преди 6 часа
I liked when King Kong said “M-Martha” during the fight cuz that was his mother’s name.
Love Sower
Love Sower преди 6 часа
Please say “now you will ALL know pain... ALMIGHTY PUSH!”
sh it
sh it преди 7 часа
went to the comments straight after that riley reid
Boy M Hutagaol
Boy M Hutagaol преди 7 часа
Kong : Save Mothra Godzilla : HOW DO YOU KNOW HER?
Rev3r5er -7
Rev3r5er -7 преди 8 часа
the hong kong to china part make me laugh harder.
KnifeyKnifeyBrothers преди 8 часа
You guys, how did it not say “Ape get knocked down, but Ape get up again”?
Aakash Gamer
Aakash Gamer преди 9 часа
Crazed Lunatic Human fight Crazed Lunatic Alien Superman: Save Martha Big Repitile punch Big Ape King Kong: Save Earth-a BvS: Why do you like them, when we did the same thing Audience: Shup Shup Shup Shut Up
Julian Styles
Julian Styles преди 9 часа
Kong won no fights. The Hong Kong fight is one big fight.
A2C Bonne Claude Panes
A2C Bonne Claude Panes преди 9 часа
You forgot Godzilla's Laugh
saurav ghosh
saurav ghosh преди 10 часа
Reptile Wins 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Git Sum Gaming
Git Sum Gaming преди 10 часа
Kong: "You saved me...why?" Godzilla: "mmm...Monke"
food it’s
food it’s преди 10 часа
please say “Come along with me and the butterflies and bees”
Art vandaley
Art vandaley преди 10 часа
2:27..2012, Tusk and Halloween 2018.
djsosonut преди 10 часа
The entire movie was Kong using human cheat codes to even the playing field.
ADITYA BHISE преди 10 часа
**** physics. How many thing should it work on?
PsyQoBoy преди 10 часа
This movie is good for China because the movies Trashes Hong Kong... Literally.
Sithembiso Msibi
Sithembiso Msibi преди 10 часа
Can you make an honest trailer about that old Shaka Zulu movie from the 80s
Cedric Stevens
Cedric Stevens преди 10 часа
DO TROPIC THUNDER NEXT PLEASSEE, one of my favorite movies
Josh Saunders
Josh Saunders преди 10 часа
Spends more time on his back than Riley Reid.... Gold... Pure gold. However Im pretty sure 90% of your audience has no idea who she is.
Rotchin Fuaso
Rotchin Fuaso преди 11 часа
Doesn't matter Doesn't matter who wins it's obvious that Hong Kong loses.
Tmb1112 преди 11 часа
Loved the Riley Reid and popular in China because of Hong Kong jokes! XD hilarious
Not MainManMané hth
Not MainManMané hth преди 11 часа
Thunder Force! Thunder Force! Thunder Force!
Roberto De Jesus
Roberto De Jesus преди 12 часа
Aleksandar Radovanovic
Aleksandar Radovanovic преди 12 часа
"No wonder this movie is huge in China". Almost spilled my beverage 😄😄😄
shattick transformers fan
shattick transformers fan преди 12 часа
Godzilla vs Kong was a copy of age of extinction.
armancha23 преди 12 часа
LMMFAO "Weeeeeee"!!!!!!
misolou fout
misolou fout преди 11 часа
Trop bien ta video comme tjrs
Eva Perfitt
Eva Perfitt преди 13 часа
Do “who framed roger rabbit”
misolou fout
misolou fout преди 11 часа
"The Chris Hemsworth of the Skarsgaard Brothers" LOL!
jevaries bumatay
jevaries bumatay преди 13 часа
I miss the stare
Crezey 21
Crezey 21 преди 14 часа
I thought it was campy, but in a good, well-executed way.
DoctorPretorious616 преди 14 часа
I can totally believe that Millie Bobby Brown would be a lunatic fringe truther who listens to conspiracy theory podcasts, after all; she is a Flat Earther in real life!
Hyungjin Samuel Lee
Hyungjin Samuel Lee преди 14 часа
Pocahontas honest trailer please 😭
TingTingMelody преди 14 часа
"No wonder this movie is popular in China" - Ice cold
sweet leonhart
sweet leonhart преди 15 часа
pls. 2 girls 1 cup
Atomicskull преди 15 часа
Please make a Dredd (2012) honest trailer.
Alexander Hotten
Alexander Hotten преди 15 часа
4:07 I’m glad someone said it cause it really felt like China backed this film with their desire to obliterate Hong Kong 💔
Ben Wood
Ben Wood преди 15 часа
something tells me lui yifei - you know, that new mulan chick - should not be allowed to watch this movie. not sure what, though.
Steven S
Steven S преди 15 часа
Come on guys, please do Honest Trailer for "Spy Game"
Soul Machines
Soul Machines преди 15 часа
Thank you for saving me from wasting time and money on this garbage.
Vikram R.
Vikram R. преди 16 часа
At the end when they said “and....” I legit thought they were gonna say “MONKE”
Ramon Stevens
Ramon Stevens преди 16 часа
Roxie Marquez
Roxie Marquez преди 16 часа
"The Chris Hemsworth of the Skarsgaard Brothers" LOL!
Vir El
Vir El преди 16 часа
They forgot to mention Kong holds the Stormbraker... Did he gone for his head? 😂🤣🤣
Exalt преди 16 часа
Either this episode absolutely sucked or I need to not watch these when they do a movie that's good.
Exalt преди 16 часа
"Reptile wins" was good though
Michael White
Michael White преди 17 часа
Riley Reid is going to be trending because of this. She ain't going to know why
AlexAlienNerd преди 17 часа
"All three team up to destroy the city of Hong Kong" ... You are watching a Godzilla movie! You only have to mention the fight is in Hong Kong before people think "Okay, it's destroyed by the end"
Godzilla vs kong Godzilla is king
Godzilla vs kong Godzilla is king преди 17 часа
jacob calabrese
jacob calabrese преди 17 часа
Ronnie Andrade
Ronnie Andrade преди 18 часа
This is getting a dislike for no mention of “Lizard Vs Monke”
MrDman21 преди 18 часа
How to ruin a franchise, pretty much every giant monster movie since Godzilla 2014
Who is Roger?
Who is Roger? преди 18 часа
man, i am so happy that i didnt waste time on this movie right now... thanks for whatching this for me, screen junkies
Albert Gomez
Albert Gomez преди 18 часа
Riley Reed: *WTF* Riley Reed's lawyer: I'm on it.
Yakup Kömük
Yakup Kömük преди 18 часа
3:27 i just realized Kong looks like 50 Cent :D
spydersangel преди 18 часа
Ur right i didnt give one eff about background lol and my sister only cared that godzilla won xD
Ben Filley
Ben Filley преди 19 часа
Bad sober good with a buzz lol accurate
steve njuguna
steve njuguna преди 19 часа
Do a cars 3 trailer
Raymond Gabriel
Raymond Gabriel преди 19 часа
What's a riley reid? It that another fictional big hairy monkey? I must google that.
Arashi Miyazawa
Arashi Miyazawa преди 19 часа
5:23 Wait...is that a straight-up rip from Evangelion!? It totally is!
Jordan Kayitare
Jordan Kayitare преди 19 часа
Let them fight 🤣🤣
Jack Craig
Jack Craig преди 19 часа
Do The Heavans Gate cult documentary
Aidan Hyland
Aidan Hyland преди 19 часа
The Florida joke would only have landed if Florida wasn’t one of the most popular states in the country.
David Mather
David Mather преди 19 часа
Dear Epic Voice Guy, Please Say: 'From the High Imperial Language: Wasing not of the wasing is'
Landon Martin
Landon Martin преди 20 часа
This movie was so dumb, yet so good, and this Honest Trailer killed it!
Turtle_Dustin преди 20 часа
I like Riley Reid. Don't really care for the joke
U M R преди 20 часа
Review How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
Mr Tee9ja
Mr Tee9ja преди 20 часа
Sheesh...I haven't watched the movie u spoiler 🙄
Faith Jarod
Faith Jarod преди 20 часа
Lukhanyo Siko
Lukhanyo Siko преди 20 часа
No one in the movie acknowledged the advanced ape city Kong found.
Stoney Dixon
Stoney Dixon преди 21 час
Make an Honest Trailer For Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV Show) before Star Wars: The Bad Batch Releases!
IHazShort преди 21 час
I think these movies aren't Oscar worthy or anything (obviously). They're kinda just dumb fun and Lizard fight Monke. In this movie they pretty much just hope you care about Godzilla from the last movie.
Rusell Mabuza
Rusell Mabuza преди 21 час
Please do "Three frontier"
Domonero7 преди 21 час
Please say “and now we see who shall rule and who shall serve”
Warllockmaster asd
Warllockmaster asd преди 21 час
I know it is called... vs. But shouldn't it be called: Godzilla beats Monkey Butt, and Mecha-godzilla tries to glory steal?
GSTE преди 21 час
Honest Trailers: You lied to me
B1ade преди 22 часа
I remember when honest trailers were funny parody trailers. Why are you doing reviews now? Not even remotely like a trailer anymore.
AQ K преди 22 часа
How does he enjoy stuff
NathanAlexander Guess
NathanAlexander Guess преди 22 часа
It is going to be in a theme park! You can bet on it!!
Daniel Dan
Daniel Dan преди 22 часа
No wonder this movie is huge in China... Best 2021 joke. Thank you for a huge laugh.
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